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Our Story:

Before this company was launched, we managed to gain some really brilliant experience over the years. We loved every minute of what we did, but we wanted more, we desired the thought of becoming our own boss and to take our careers a step further. We loved creating social media marketing campaigns and we soon understood that there was an opportunity for businesses to be exploiting this for their own gain. So we put the two together and that's how Digital Advantage was launched. We've been partnering with businesses and maintaining excellent relationships ever since. 

Our Team...



Founder & CEO

Dom started this business as he has a passion for everything social and it was his dream to start his own business one day. Working with a variety of companies, he has gained vast amounts of experience in digital marketing. He looks to take all knowledge gathered and share it with his customers, in order to improve their productivity and allow them to excel in their field. Building amazing relationships whilst providing a high-quality service is his goal.  


Brittany Linden

Graphic Designer 

Brittany has been doing graphic design since she can remember. Partnering with excellent companies in New York, she has constructed beautifully looking websites. Now spending the majority of her time in England, Brittany has partnered with Dom to offer her expertise here. Her attention to detail is second to none and we're excited that she is working with us. 

What we do...

We understand Digital Marketing continues to change at a rapid pace and sometimes you may find it hard to keep up with the latest trend out. However, with the new change, brings new opportunities, and working alongside your business to ensure you are successfully implementing digital marketing into your strategy is what we love to do! Facebook and Instagram Advertising isn't a new trend and one that is certainly here for the foreseeable future. If you haven't been taking advantage of it, then there is no better time than now! 

We also offer two other services, these include website design and blog writing. These two services lend themselves extremely well with social media advertising. We are a company based in the Midlands and our goal is to work alongside your business and continue to help you grow and flourish. 

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