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5 Great Reasons Why You Should Advertise On Facebook

Like me, in the past, you've probably been talking about a certain topic to a friend or family member, then a day later something strange happens, you seen loads of adverts on Facebook relating to that topic! Spooky right? No, it's just the power of Facebook advertising. Facebook is an extremely powerful platform and if used correctly, it can do wonders for your business. With the overall spend of Facebook advertising way into the billions, companies have realised just how important implementing Facebook advertising into their marketing strategy is. The realisation is, if you aren’t doing it, your competition probably is! This blog highlights five great reasons why you should start advertising on Facebook…

1) Your Audience Can Be Found On Facebook

With way over 2 billion users on Facebook, the possibilities of reaching your target audience are now greater than ever. Your target audience will be on there, it’s just working on the best possible way to reach them. We will go into finding these people and the power of targeting in one of the upcoming reasons.

2) It’s Cheap To Advertise

Facebook adverts are extremely cheap! The average cost per click is low and the reach is enormous. Sadly the days of organic traffic has fallen and that’s simply because paid advertisement is way too powerful. You can set a budget for as little as £1 a day and still reach your desired audience. Obviously the more budget you allow, the more people you can reach, but compared to any other online marketing methods, Facebook is by far the cheapest for brand awareness, engagement and sales! You may incur an added cost if you choose to outsource your advertising strategy, but if results are being delivered, it will be worth it!

3) You Can Target Your Desired Audience

As touched upon in reason 1, we mentioned going through the power of targeting and being able to find your target audience. We wasn’t lying, the power of targeting on Facebook is actually quite ridiculous, you can narrow your audience down by behaviours, interests, demographics, connections, liked pages, age, languages, location and gender. You can combine them to make sure your audience are completely targeted. Oh, and don’t even get us started on retargeting, that deserves its own point.

4) Convert Those On The Fence Customers With Retargeting Adverts

Ok, by now you’re probably thinking let’s get started, and if you’re not, then this point is likely to make you feel that way. You can create custom audiences and retarget those people who have been onto your website, but wasn’t ready to commit. These people already have a genuine interest in your product or service, and now with a subtle push, your retargeting ad is likely to convert them. I know you think this sounds too good to be true, but with the introduction of ‘Facebook Pixels’, tracking potential customers on your website and then retargeting them with conversion ads is now a thing!

5) You Can Advertise On Instagram With The Same Budget!

Did you know Facebook owns Instagram? Well yes they do, they bought them for $1 Billion back in 2012 and what a bargain that turned out to be (they are now valued at over $100 Billion). Enough about the success of other businesses, let’s talk about the opportunity for your business. If you run a campaign on Facebook, you can also run that advertisement on Instagram with a click of a button. This will run from the same budget and allows you to reach an even wider audience. Incredible right!

These are just 5 reasons why you should introduce Facebook advertisement into your marketing strategy. If you are now thinking of all the opportunities for your business, but don’t quite have the time, then don’t worry, we here at Digital Advantage will manage your Facebook Advertising strategy at a very affordable price. To find out more about our service, click here

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